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"Winning isn't everything,
but wanting to win is."
- Vincent T. Lombardi

Wins =      Loss = 0         
Unleash the Winner Inside You!


Welcome to the world of sport psychology. Here at Eagle Productions
(NZ, US and SA) we will help train your mind to improve your performance
in any competitive sport...and help you to become a winner,
both on and off the playing field.

No matter, whether you are already a career sports person, or you
are planning a career in this field, this Sport Psychology course will
help you to gain an insight into how sports people think...and
how they can best be motivated for peak performances
(no matter your level of "sporting talent/excellence").

As a coach, parent or player, our course will help you improve many
aspects of your sporting development - areas such as stress control,
mental preparation, motivation and attitude development.

The Eagle Productions Sport Psychology Course will help advance
your career and give you a competitive edge in your chosen field.

Inspired by Craig Locks' book "The Winning Mind", the course is presented
in 15 informative lessons together with short practical assignments.

It's an ideal first step if you ultimately aspire to professional status,
to qualify for a leading coaching role, or perhaps even a job as a
top administrator. Upon successful completion of the course,
you will receive a CERTIFICATE...Your
Statement of Attainment in Sport Psychology.

Your first lesson in this dynamic course is FREE.
Click Here and Light Your Flame of Success!

When you're ready to continue with your lessons,
type in your name and email address below
and I'll send you complete course details.

Remember......Your most powerful tool is your mind.

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