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Welcome to Gisborne!

Welcome to the Beautiful Gisborne, New Zealand!

Gisborne is situated on the east coast of the north island of
New Zealand. It is a very pretty little city of about 30,000 people
with absolutely magnificent beaches.

Most important for a sea loving "beach freak" like me. Incidentally,
Kiwis (New Zealanders) call any place over 20,000 people a city!

I find living here out of the rat race gives one a wonderful peace of mind,
so it is very conductive to writing. Having led a fairly stress-full life in
the corporate world, I find the beauty of Gisborne very therapeutic.

Walks along the beautiful beaches in this region never fail
to inspire me, in my life and in my writing.

Eat your hearts out you "big city slickers",
although you've probably got heaps more money than me!

Adjusting to this very friendly yet parochial little place
(known as a city by the locals) after coming here from
Cape Town was no easy task,
but the longer I stay here the more I like it, as well as
appreciating the great kindness of the local inhabitants.

Even if they don't understand my occupation!

The story of my rather weird and unnamed colleagues
first impressions and numerous escapades is told in
Dropped Out In Godzone
Let's cruise over to:
South Africa


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May be armed with
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and books

Follow the trail of
satisfied readers
to find this Kiwi

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