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craig's report locker

Here are some reports that I've written. They were in such a
secret place that even I had forgotten where they were.
 No worries.
I'll just post them up here for FREE. Enjoy!

There is a paragraph or two from each report just below the title.
Simply Click at the end of the paragraph to see the whole report. 
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The Ten Steps to Financial Success
....Time is like money, you can either spend it or invest it.
Also most people have a shortage of it. In fact, time is
even more precious than money."Time is the most perishable 
commodity of all. If you don't use it today 
you cannot use it tomorrow."

Grow as a person daily. Life (as well as success) is the journey, 
not the destination. So take pleasure in it.

Read, listen and think. The person who listens to others learns something,
 while the talker learns nothing. "Still waters run deep".

Market yourself: Don't sell yourself short and 
"hide your bright light under a bushel"....
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Master Your Mortgage or It Will Master You.

.....For this reason it pays to visit more than one lending institution before making a commitment to
borrow. Ask about the management fee and whether you can repay the loan earlier than agreed
without being penalized. Most lending institutions allow for early repayment of mortgages. However,
it pays to check before making payments, as some banks/building societies may require notice to
be given to avoid an early repayment penalty.

     Also ask whether you can pay in lump sums to reduce your bond and whether you can increase
the bond if you buy another property (assuming you have high equity and can afford the
repayments). Can the bond be transferred if you later move to another property?
    Some lending institutions offer flexible bonds, which allow you to borrow at a subsequent date
the amount of the original loan obtained. These are very advantageous, as you will not be penalized
for reducing your bond. You also save by not having to register a brand new bond at that time. 

Above all, find how much are the repayments......
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101 Survival Ideas

The whole idea of these suggestions is to put food on your table
when you are unable to find a job or have been retrenched.

Al of the activities listed are aimed at keeping you going for a while.
However, many have the potential to turn into full-time jobs.

Most of these jobs do not require any capital and all of them can be done from home.
Some jobs do require a car and possibly a trailer.

However, a telephone will be your single most useful asset.
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The Commonsense way to Financial Success.
The Every Person's Guide to Simple Money Management

     Who is more important - you or your bank manager? The telephone company? Your
grocer? Your electricity supplier? You are of course, but who do you pay first? Yourself or
the many people falling over themselves for a share in your income? At the end of the week
how much of what you earn stays in your pocket?
  It seems to go to everyone else but you,
yet it is you who spends most of your time working.
     Why not make the first check you write each week, a check to yourself? Paying yourself
means literally that. Each pay day, pay yourself before you pay anyone else. Actually write a
check to yourself and deposit into a savings or investment account or sign a debit order (bank
authority) to have the money automatically taken from your account and then paid to a
financial institution. Spend the rest by all means but at least you will be building up a reserve
and be on the road to wealth.

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Especially for the Ladies -
The Facts of Life

...that has been used as an excuse time and time again. But not thinking about it won't prevent
it happening. The time has come to be positive. But taking a hard look now at your situation
and doing something about it won't be tempting fate. But it will be a positive step towards
making sure that no matter what life may have in store , good or bad, you can rest easy in the
knowledge that you can cope on your own if necessary.

     And that's a feeling every woman in the country should get to know. Because without
financial independence most of the other rights women now have are hardly worth having.

Thanks for your understanding, ladies!  
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The Magic of Life Assurance:
How to buy the right assurance for yourself.

     These days more and more financial institutions are merging their operations and banks are
increasingly marketing life assurance products, which were once the exclusive preserve of
assurance companies. Don't buy a policy from the first company to approach you. You may
be committing 10% of your hard-earned income for the next 30 years and this needs careful
     Look closely at the projected investment returns provided by your adviser. Remember 
that they are illustrations only and are not guaranteed. Ask yourself, are the assumptions ( the
interest yield) realistic in the long term? One company's figures may be far higher than another;
but they may be quoting at a far higher interest rate than the competitor. Is one policy quoting
a value assuming premiums are inflation linked - the other not? This makes an immense
difference to the final payout.
    For example: $100 a month paid in over 30 years with an average investment yield of 6%
amounts to $58293; while at 8% it will build up to $72485 - a substantial difference! Also, if
you started a year earlier you will receive an extra $7200 + by paying in an extra $1,200
(value $79747 at 8.0 %).

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The latest (and potentially most exciting part of my 
business interest) is our venture into electronic publishing.
This is a very new and undeveloped field and I hope it is
successful; so as in some small way to uplift this beautiful,
yet economically depressed region of New Zealand
(as well as rescuing me and my boys from poverty!).

All of my works can be downloaded to you via computer
immediately when your order is placed. It saves on paper  
(so the "greenies" will be very happy.)

I am presently working flat out on updating my various
manuscripts so that this can be done. I really hope that my
idea works; although it may be some time off in the future. 
Perhaps , "little old" Gisborne may even one day become the 
"Sillycon" valley of electronic publishing in New Zealand.

It certainly needs some new industry to alleviate the 
severe unemployment position in the country.

I hope you enjoy my books as much as I did in writing them.


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