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Hello and Welcome! I'm Craig Lock. Welcome to CraigLockBooks.com! "He who cherishes a beautiful
vision, a lofty ideal in his heart,
will one day realize it.
Dream lofty dreams and as you
dream so shall you become."
- James Allen

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Welcome to Craig Lock's Photo Gallery!

Welcome to Craig Lock's Photo Gallery
Enjoy the Show!

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Me and my Portuguese girlfriend 
about to embark on our
 overseas adventures.

My trusty steed, in which we 
traveled around Europe, bought 
in Amsterdam for a song!

Me pretending to be 
a flower in Sweden.
Not very successful...
as you can see!

I went on tour with these delightful
young ladies, females outnumbered
males three to one. I don't normally
have this kind of luck!

My holiday in Valencia which
didn't turn out quite as I expected!

A girl from Adelaide, and a
head hunter from Papua, New Guinea. 
What a combination!

I rode this bike throughout Europe,
and tried to join the Hell's Angels,
but they told me to
"Shove off you Poofta!"

My hair had been peroxided when I
met the love of my life - Marie.
She is still getting over the shock of
discovering her blond bombshell
is really mousy gray!

Ayleen and Marie with our rented
Mini somewhere in Scotland.
Why? Read my book 
"Here, There and Everywhere"
to find out!

In France I was so tired that I fell asleep
 in what I thought was a quiet sheltered
spot, only to be awaken by car
headlights shining in my face.
I had chosen to sleep in the 
middle of the road.

Luckily, there was always someone
 (or two) 
who tried to keep me out of trouble.

Marie and I on the shore of Loch Ness.

The local store was out of monster chow,
so we fooled around behind the rocks
instead. See us back there?

Relaxing after a light workout.
30 reps on the bench press.

Sometimes that 460 lbs. 
wears me out.

Good Grief! Pretending to be a successful insurance executive! 
David Hersch...tell them it's true! 

Can I interest you in a
life insurance policy?



Well, back to writing then...

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