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Welcome to the Godzone.
Regards from the First City to see the Sun in "Godzone"
As New Zealand is affectionately known.

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Another Love of Mine - My Passion for Sports!
Look! Stirling Moss - and ME! God Bless my Beloved South Africa I still can't believe it!

Both New Zealand and South Africa are great sporting countries,
so I'm very fortunate. I inherited my great love of sport from 
my dear Dad "Ray", my pal.

As a youngster I loved motor racing with a great passion, and was very
successful at midget car racing. I still follow motor racing avidly, as well
as most other sports, cricket, rugby, soccer, golf, tennis, etc. I still follow
 South African sport very closely through African sport:
  My Love Affair With Sport.

Oops! Sorry, Marie!

 I am an avid Couch Potato. Lazy bugger! That's why I like to be a writer,
so I can work when I want (omitted the word "to") as well as watch sport.
I think I have found my love in life: Doing what I love.
The only thing I am not so sure about is...

will it pay anything to support me and my dear boys?

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As The Spirit Moves Me. 

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