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Hello and Welcome! I'm Craig Lock. Welcome to CraigLockBooks.com! "He who cherishes a beautiful
vision, a lofty ideal in his heart,
will one day realize it.
Dream lofty dreams and as you
dream so shall you become."
- James Allen

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 Online Creative Writing Course
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Here are a few comments from the New Writers who have taken Craig's course.

"Craig, I just wanted to say thanks. I've enjoyed your course. It's been
fun working with you and I'll probably check in a couple of months to
see about your advanced course and the one on how to get published."
- JM (USA)


"I see the same philosophy in you, Craig, like when you are combining
impressions from South Africa with those from New Zealand in your writings.

We, open minded immigrants are sculpting a new world order, and it is the
multinational corporations that are actually enforcing it all over the
-- not to mention the internet. 

So, keep selling your books and courses across borders and offer your friendship 
on top of it it is just what
the peace doctor ordered!

Speaking of courses, yes, I would like to take the advanced course 
are preparing - just let me know when it starts."
J.K (U.S.A)

"Thanks for the input, Craig. I find my confidence and writing skills|
have improved tremendously. I've greatly enjoyed it, as we seem to be on
the same wave-length. Thanks for putting on the course."
D.D. (USA)


" I'm really enjoying the fascinating course, it's uplifting and entertaining at
the same time with your zany humour. It's certainly helped develop my
creative juices."- 
B.B (Australia)


"Thanks for your help and input. I enjoyed the course. I would like the certificate.
Take care and hope to keep in touch. I will look into your more advanced course
on your website. I do really appreciate your input on my writing. This helps quite a bit.
I have a book written, but after the first rewrite, I put it down and have not gone back to it.
Maybe I will get the guts to go back to it soon and see if I can do anything with it."
- J.T (USA)


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Only you and your imagination know what adventures lay ahead !!!


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