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Introduction to Godzone
by Craig Lock.

Come and Visit South Africa!

A little bit about me,
seeing it's the easiest thing to write about - oneself.

I was born in Cape Town at the southern tip of Africa. Now I am a former
South African living in Gisborne on the east coast of the
tranquil haven that is New Zealand.

New Zealand is a beautiful little country; yet I still have a great passion for the 
country of my birth, "the beloved country". I'm very lucky being able to love
two such different countries so much - like an African king with many wives.
How nice!

How did I get here?

Well, that's another story...which can wait for an epic, like War and Peace one day.

I suppose I would say that I have had a very interesting and eventful life living
and working in various countries and learning hard lessons, being churned about 
in the "washing machine of life" (and especially, the "school of hard knocks").

One day I'll write that book about it (the 'Big Fella up there' 
must have a great sense of humor with my life!).

I worked in the corporate "jungle" of life assurance for many years; however
a strange set of circumstances brought me to a sleepy provincial town in the
North Island of New Zealand. With nothing much else to do, I started writing.....
and five published books (with another 12 in the "pipeline") later, this is
where I am in life.

I am a middle aged man with twin teen-age boys to support and love.

They are the most important aspects of my life and I want to be the best dad I
can possibly be to Sean and Gareth (good Welsh and Irish names, even if I say
so myself).   Even though I'm a bit embarrassing  (spelt correctly - for a change)
to them  - as one of those "weirdo artistic writer types" who doesn't have a
"proper job", like working in an office and mow lawns on Sundays... 
as most "normal" fathers do!

I  have many varied interests, but I like the simple things of life best.

Like the pleasures of walking barefoot along the stunningly beautiful beaches of
this region and reveling in the magnificent creations of nature. I like the outdoors,
as well as travel (see my book Here, There, and Everywhere).
PLUG PLUG, GLUG GLUG!  Enough "eyes" in this section!

For too many years I was wondering where my life was going, as I drifted along like
a jellyfish in the currents of life...now I have absolutely no idea where I'm headed.

Provincial New Zealand has been very good to me. The slow pace of life has
given me the opportunity to try a new direction in my life. To go down a new
"career path" as a writer,  together with many other ventures, which I'd
never have dreamed about doing in the "hurly burly" of making ends meet in
a big city (especially in other parts of the world.).

Thanks "Godzone" for this wonderful opportunity, as well as the kind citizens
here in "Sleepy Hollow". Hope I get a grant from the Tourism Board for saying
such nice things about Kiwis. Although I'm very grateful to be in comfortable
and placid New Zealand, I miss my family and friends in South Africa greatly, 
as well as the vibrancy and great diversity of that country.

One day, perhaps, I'll make enough money to be able to travel there.
If you like my books and buy them, that is!

There are a number of parts to my personality, as I am a very intense person.
I feel very strongly about them and am trying to carve out a career from
following my passions. I like writing about things that are very dear to my heart,
which I'll be brave enough to share with you.

My beloved former country of South Africa is the subject of my first two novels:


I wanted to make some contribution, however small, in promoting understanding
between the races; because I believe with understanding comes tolerance and
a spirit of reconciliation.  I believe most conflicts (as in family hassles) start with
misunderstanding because of a lack of communication. Often we don't learn the
lessons of history (from school, yukk!).

We are all products of our circumstances, our environments and our histories.
However, with some understanding of our differences and better channels of
communication, we can start to reach out to others not quite like ourselves. 

My books on South Africa are my little drops in the ocean and part of the
serious side of my nature (which has come to the fore far more in my middle years).
  A late developer (not property!). Far too poor for that! However, when I get a bit
too serious, I write one of my "zany/wacky" self help and inspirational books -
to stay sane here! I enjoy writing in both styles; so hope you like them too!

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