Hello and Welcome! I'm Craig Lock.
"Life is about finding, then following the dream and one's
dream/vision comes to reality through believing in yourself,
making the commitment and then creating it."
Craig Gerald Lock
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"He who cherishes a beautiful
vision, a lofty ideal in his heart,
will one day realize it.
Dream lofty dreams and as you
dream so shall you become."
- James Allen


Welcome to CraigLockBooks.com!

A few years ago, I developed a mission statement for my work and life that has really helped me to focus on what I want to accomplish with my life. "In my own small way, I hope my published (and perhaps spoken) words reach out to touch, help, reassure, strengthen, support and inspire.

My life mission is through my writing to inform, illuminate, uplift, delight and hopefully even inspire people around the world by sharing my life experiences and thoughts... through empowering others to be the best person they can possibly be through my words, actions and life."

The activities that have given me the most personal fulfillment, and through which I achieve a feeling of importance (my "calling or purpose", if you will), are those things through which I share my knowledge and insights with others. I've been able to achieve that through my "passion" for words in the form of the books I've written.

I see myself primarily as a salesperson and compassionate capitalist, "selling" hope, faith and love (well isn't that the only form of security we as humans can attain in an ever-changing and uncertain world?)

"My writing mission is through my words to inform, illuminate, entertain, uplift, delight, as well as hopefully even inspiring people. I aim to do this by sharing my knowledge and life experiences - through supporting, encouraging and empowering others to be the best person they can possibly be."

"I truly want to let the light shine through my words to impact and help others...to inspire people throughout our (sometimes happy and sometimes dark and sad, yet always beautiful and magical) world."

"My desire and writing aim, in fact my life mission, is to warm people's hearts and expand the incredible potential of their minds, their horizons. I hope to do this through encouraging people to cherish their talents and realise the uniqueness of their gifts, ones that can make the world a better place by their presence. Our mission in life is perhaps to better the lives of others...and in doing so, our life is made better." ----- Craig Lock

My main desire is to see other people happy by fulfilling their undoubted potential and realizing their "God-given" talents and gifts (and every single one of us on this planet has something special to offer to the world and is able to make SOME difference, even though we may not know it...nor HOW to do it!).

When people do this and find their TRUE PURPOSE in life they become inspired with hope, faith and most importantly, LOVE... and this, I believe is the key to happiness.

Doing this going down my life's path will make me very very happy!

These following words could have been written by me... but they are so good, and reveal my purpose -- my life mission -- better than I could write... so thought I'd share with you...

   "As for special skills, strengths, and unique experiences to write about, I'm sure I have many that will come out eventually. By far my biggest strength is my own inner strength and positive attitude, and a desire to help people to discover this in themselves. I believe that we are all ultimately in control of our lives and of who we are. No dream is unobtainable if we stay positive and focused, seize opportunity, and are prepared to put in the work to make it happen.

   Suffering hardship can be an opportunity for growth, and with the right attitude, a faith in yourself and in life, and plenty of strength, you can choose not to be a victim, but a winner.

   The strength and faith have many sources - other people, God, and so on, but the richest spring is within ourselves. We all have it and if we can tap into it there is nothing that cannot be overcome and nothing that cannot be achieved.

   It is not, however, always easy to find, and if I can reach even one person with this message and it helps them to improve their life, then I will achieved something special. ---- Bronwyn Baker

"Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations.
I may not reach them, but I can  look up and see their beauty,
believe in them, and follow where they lead."
- Louisa May Alcott

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